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We will help support groups find the resources they need to make a difference. We support other publishers who are also reaching people. All of us are unique.

We are sensitive to the needs of others and to our own needs. Each call into our office will find a caring voice on the other end, with time to listen and readiness to help.

We will all participate in continuing education events every year to increase our own expertise and to help us develop spiritually and emotionally. Our clients and our members are considered part of a caring, extended family, and we will develop personal relationships with them and they with us. We will consult and listen to advice and new ideas.

We look at the challenges before us as positive, rewarding experiences. We will not set limits beneath our potential. We will treat ourselves and others with respect. We will encourage creativity and new ideas. We will enjoy the changes that come.


The Centering Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and resources for the bereaved. Centering was founded in 1977 by Joy and Dr. Marvin Johnson.

We started with nine little coloring books for hospitalized children and two workshop offerings for nurses and families. In response to the need for support by families and caregivers while facing their grief experience we developed many new resources.

Today we publish hundreds of books for children and adults, My Friends Emotion Dolls, a Memory Bag for children, DVDs and caring cards, plus thousands of books and resources from other publishers. We continue to provide educational offerings and workshops for caregivers and families. Our experienced staff brings new life and ideas to meet our changing needs in today’s bereavement experiences.


The Centering Corporation


Caring Cups is at 7230 Maple Street in Omaha, Nebraska.
Caring Cups has many flavors of coffee and tea available to complement North America’s largest collection of grief resources from Centering. You’re encouraged to relax and get educational materials for yourself or for your loved ones. Caring Cups has free WiFi if you’re in a working mood or comfy couches if you find a good book as a companion.

Caring Cups can host groups up to 30 people and our staff can arrange audio/video hardware for presentations. To reserve space, call 402-553-1200 or fill out the form below. Caring Cups is open 10-4 weekdays and all other times by appointment.

Some groups that use Caring Cups include Creative Healing Workshops and the Bereavement Support Network. If you want to arrange Caring Cups to come to you, the Caring Cups staff is available for catering and facilitating group discussions at your organization. For more information click the Caring Cups logo on the home page, or visit