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By Centering Corporation,

By Paul Alexander

A Grief Guide and Healing Journal

Product Description

By Paul Alexander/A Centering Corporation Resource

Includes Guided Imagery CD for Renewal and Peace
From the Introduction:
“There are many levels in experiencing the pain of grief.  No one can take those struggles or uncertainties away.  Yet as we walk forward we can find stepping stones to assist us in surviving and integrating the loss into our lives.  Meditation is one of those stepping stones.  We can begin by placing our attention on one thing, one thought, one activity at a time.  This workbook can serve as an aid to meditation as you explore your thoughts and feelings.  Furthermore, focusing on healing colors can enrich your meditation and guide you on your journey.
Grief does not come in a neat package.  Use the Grief Guide and Healing Workbook in a program as a source of focus, hope, and inspiration as you search for the colors and meaning in your life.  Whatever you are facing, let the healing colors guide you to safer shores and peaceful moments.”
The accompanying CD can aid to the book or be used on its own.
Product code is GGHC
ISBN10: 1-56123-193-2
ISBN13: 978-1-56123-193-5

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