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By Bob Baugher, Ph.D.

A Guide for the Bereaved Survivor

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A List of Reactions, Suggestions and Steps for Coping with Grief

By Bob Baugher, Ph.D.

From “Some Comments Before You Read This Book” (pg 1):
Someone you love has died.  This book may be one of the ways to help you begin the sometimes long and painful road of working through your grief.  As you read it, please keep in mind that, while you may experience some of the listed reactions that may benefit from some of the suggestions, not all may apply to you.  The list of reactions in this book are meant to be brief in order to provide you with an overview of the bereavement process.  The reactions do not occur in any particular order (although shock and denial tend to occur first).  You may see some of these reactions recycle again as time goes by.  The listed reactions do not describe any one person; but from the lists you can identify those reactions that describe you.  The suggestions are based upon the experiences of people who have experienced the losses such as the death of a child, sibling, spouse, partner, parent, friend, or other relative.
“After 20 months of being in the middle of the grief process I highly recommend this book.  It made me feel normal and helped me understand as I rode that roller coaster that I was on.  Thank you, Dr. Baugher.  I’d also like to order 2 extra copies.” – Alberta Heagle, Puyallup, WA
“I’ve been using this book in my practice.  Your suggestions are wonderful.  Please send 5 more.” – Beth Krakower, RN, LCSW, LMFT; Boca Raton, FL
“This publication has been most valuable to me in my ministry to those who are in grief.  I give a copy to each family I work with.” – Elizabeth Brown, Spring Valley, CA

“Dr. Baugher, I received the shipment of 100 copies of A Guide for the Bereaved Survivor. Thank you so much.  I am very delighted with your book and hope to order additional copies from you in the future.” – Katherine R. Moore, Sechrest Funeral Service, Inc.; High Point, NC

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