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By Hospice & Community Care (founded as Hospice of Lancaster County)

A Teacher’s Guide to the Grieving Student

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Guidelines and Suggestions for School Personnel Grades K-12

By Hospice & Community Care (founded as Hospice of Lancaster County)

Revised 2008.

From the Introduction: “In any school on any given day, most students are struggling to cope with loss in their lives.  Aside from loss through death, many children experience loss because their parents become separated or divorced.  Best friends move away, friendships and relationships become fractured; students do not pass a test or a grade, lose a race for student council or try out for, but do not get on a team.  There are many losses experienced by students at all grade levels.  Although the focus of this booklet is on loss through death, the principles apply to any type of loss students may encounter.  Many adults feel uncomfortable or unsure about how to most effectively support students who are impacted by loss.  The intent of this booklet is to provide adults with a foundation to draw from and help all grieving students.  To best support students through their grief experience, it is important to understand the terms loss, grief and mourning.”

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