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By Centering Corporation,

By Connie Nykiel

After the Loss of Your Baby: For Teen Mothers

Product Description

By Connie Nykiel. Gives information about grief and the grief process, medical definitions, the baby’s father, friends and family, grandparents, knowing when you’re ready, answers to frequently asked questions; includes a resource page. From the Book: “Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, SIDS – these are words that have brought pain, but you may not even understand what they mean. All you know is your baby died. You may think your emotions are out of control or wonder if you have any feelings at all. Whether you lost your baby today, two weeks ago, or two months ago, it is important for you to understand that someone gave you this booklet becaues they care about you. This booklet was written especially for teen mothers like you, to help you understand and teach you about the grief process after the loss of a baby.”

Product Code: ALBC

ISBN: 1561231568

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