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By Allison Gilbert

Always Too Soon

Product Description

By Allison Gilbert with Christina Baker Kline. Voices of Support for Those Who Have Lost Both Parents. While the death of a parent is always painful, losing both is life-altering. When author Allison Gilbert lost both parents at age 32, she could not find any books that spoke to her with the same level of compassion and reassurance that she found in the support group she belonged to—so she decided to write one of her own. The result is a sensitive and candid portrayal of loss that brings together experiences from famous and ordinary grief-stricken sons and daughters that explores the regrets, heartache and sometimes, relief, that accompanies pain and healing. Always Too Soon provides a range of intimate conversations with those—famous and not—who have lost both parents, providing readers with a source of comfort and inspiration as they learn to negotiate their new place in the world. Whether you have a familiar name like Yogi Berra, Barbara Ehrenreich, Geraldine Ferraro, or Ice-T or have lost both parents in a traumatic event like the Holocaust or the bombing of the World Trade Cener, the grief is equally hard to bear.   Contributors include: Roseann Cash, Hope Edelman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Geraldine Ferraro, Dennis Franz, Yogi Berra, and Ice-T.

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ISBN10: 1-58005-176-6 ISBN13: 978-1-58005-176-7

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