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By Barbara Rubel

But I Didn’t Say Goodbye

Product Description

By Barbara Rubel. Helping children and families after a suicide. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded!  From the Introduction: “What’s In This Book”: But I Didn t Say Goodbye is a book seen through the eyes of Alex, an eleven-year-old boy, whose father has died by suicide. This story is a glimpse into a child s traumatic and life changing personal experience. But I Didn’t Say Goodbye introduces you to a bereaved family immediately after a suicide and ends five years later. The dialogue in each chapter will show you how you can help develop honest, open communication between children and the people in their lives. Alex s questions are the same as many other children following a suicide.

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ISBN10: 1-892906-01-5 ISBN13: 978-1-892906-01-4

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