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By Jane Heustis & Marcia Meyer Jenkins Foreword by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D

Companioning at a Time of Perinatal Loss

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By Jane Heustis & Marcia Meye Jenkins.

A Guide for Nurses, Physicians, Social Workers, Chaplains and Other Bedside Caregivers.

The OB unit is the only hospital environment where life begins and, sometimes, tragically ends. Staff must alternate masks of comedy and tragedy as they care for the estimated 2-4 percent of deliveries that end in the death of a baby. How can you help families mourn and begin to heal in the painful but precious hours after miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth and other forms of perinatal loss?  Written by seasoned support nurses, this compassionate and practical guide offers a new model of bereavement care for nurses, physicians, social workers, chaplains and other bedside obstetrics caregivers.  Based on Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s principles of companioning, the methods championed in this book–and illustrated through real-life stories–empower OB caregivers to truly understand and do what is best for each unique family.

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ISBN10: 1-879-651-47-5 ISBN13: 978-1-879-651-47-5

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