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By Enid Samuel Traisman, M.S.W.

Fire In My Heart, Ice In My Veins: A Journal for Teenagers

Product Description

A Journal for Teenagers Experiencing a Loss

By Enid Samuel-Traisman, M.S.W.

Teens can write letters, copy down meaningful lyrics, write songs and poems, tell the person who died what they want them to know, finish business and use their creativity to work through the grieving process.  Teens can share their journal entries, thoughts or illustrations with other grieving teens.    “This Journal is for you.  It is about you and the person who died.  Just reading it will let you know that all your feelings are normal even though some may feel crazy.  Writing in it will help you explore your feelings and encourage you to get them out, which is healthy for you.  Writing in the journal will ensure that you will never forget.”

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ISBN10:L 1-56123-056-1 ISBN13: 978-1-56123-056-3

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