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By Donna O'Toole, M.A.,

By Jerre Cory

Helping Children Grieve & Grow

Product Description

A Guide for Those Who Care

By Donna O’Toole with Jerre Cory

With colorful illustrations and large print throughout Helping Children Grieve and Grow is easy to understand and immensely useful. The information provided is broad in scope, yet it is so concisely presented that complex issues can be grasped and understood with ease. Topics include: How to Understand, The Impact of Loss and Grief on Children, How Children & Adults Grieve Differently, Things Adults Can Say and Do That Help, How To Talk With Children About Death, Special Concerns and Vulnerabilities of Grieving Children and What Can Be Done, What Helps Children Bounce Back, and How To Know When Help Is Needed-Where and How To Find Help. From “A few words of welcome from the authors”: “This booklet is designed for you to use to learn more about how children experience loss and grief and what you as an adult can do to help children through this time.  It is not meant to be a complete book, but to provide you with useful information and encouragement.”

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ISBN10: 1-878321-12-9 ISBN13: 978-1-878321-12-1

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