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By Martha Wegner

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Product Description

Suggestions for People Who Care About Someone Whose Baby Died Before Birth

by Martha Wegner

This booklet is for families, friends, professionals, and anyone who comes in contact with a family that has experienced prenatal loss. Suggestions for talking to, helping, and supporting the family are given.

About the Author:

Martha Wegner-Hay is a parent, educator, speaker, and author. In 1995 she experienced the prenatal death of her twin daughter, Laura. Her family’s experience with this death is chronicled in her first book, Embracing Laura (Centering Corporation, 1998). This newest book deals more generally with any type of prenatal loss, based both on the author’s personal experience, as well as her conversations with other families in this situation. Any person in a caring relationship with a family that has experienced prenatal loss would benefit from reading this book.

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