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By Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D

How I Feel

Product Description

A coloring book for grieving children
By Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.
A coloring book for very young children that explores the many feelings grieving children experience. Provides grieving children with the words to describe their new and sometimes scary feelings.
From “A Note To Parents”:
“Grieving children need permission to mourn.  Sometimes what they need most from adults is an awareness that it is OK to talk out and play out their many thoughts and feelings.  If their suffering is avoided, denied or repressed by adults surrounding them, those very children will be abandoned at a time when they most need the presence of loving adults.
We must also remember that children mourn intermittently, moving at times toward and then away from the depth of the loss.  Respecting children means understanding this wave-like quality in their capacity to mourn.  It also means remaining available to them long after the event of the death.
This coloring book, designed for children ages 3-8, presents many of the feelings grieving children have taught me they experience.  I encourage you to color alongside children as they use this book.  Read and explain the words to them when they ask , but don’t force them to talk when they don’t feel like talking.  Instead, allow them to express their feelings the way kids do best: through creative play.

Sincerely, Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD.”

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