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By Paul J. Moon


Product Description

When People We Really Like Die
A reading for children by Paul J. Moon
We lose both things and people in this life. When certain people we really like become “lost” there are choices to be made and changes that happen. This booklet is for children to be read together with caring adults. Much courage to young and older grievers alike.
Note to Parents: As the death of someone important is a true loss in life, we can use a different form of the word “loss” and we say we “lost” certain people we really like from our lives. This is a part of how people phrase things in everyday speech. The title of this short reading, and the use of that same word in the content, is not to suggest a replacement of more direct terms such as died, death, or deceased. Rather, the word lost is used here to acquaint young readers of how death-loss can be colloquially referenced in culture, in addition to reflect a particular feeling a person can experience in grief.
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ISBN: 9781561232499

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