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By Centering Corporation

Miscarriage: A Book for Parents

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Available in English and Spanish. A Centering Corporation Resource.

A Note From Joy and Marv: “The shock and fear of miscarriage can be overwhelming. You have severe physical pain, and you realize there’s nothing you can do. Your whole world is thrown off balance.  You lose your pregnancy.  You lose your baby.  You lose your self-control and you even lose something of yourself.   When you have a miscarriage you have a very real and powerful grief. It may be one of your first encounters with death.  It is certainly something you never forget.  As we have traveled through the country doing workshops, we have become convinced that the experience of miscarriage is one of the country’s great unresolved griefs.  This book was given to you by someone who cares, and we hope it will be valuable to you as you begin to experience your own grief and the grief of others.”

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ISBN10: 1-56123-007-3 ISBN13: 978-1-56123-007-5

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