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By Centering Corporation,

By Rick Wheat

Miscarriage: A Man’s Book

Product Description

A Centering Corporation Resource by Rick Wheat

From the Book: “I hope what you read in this booklet will help you with your own grief, help you share and understand your wife’s grief, and help you know what you can do to better navigate the difficult days which lie ahead.  I’ve been where you are.  What you read here is based on my own experiences. Much of this book is about your wife and her grief.  However, as you read, I believe you’ll find yourself in these pages.  Every word you read about your wife’s grief applies to you.  What you read about your wife’s  needs might remind you of your own needs.  And what you read about protecting your relationship will certainly be for your benefit as well as for hers.”

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ISBN10: 1-56123-082-0 ISBN13: 978-1-56123-082-2

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