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By Cheryl Hall-Kippen, BS, BSW, LSW

My Always Memories

Product Description

A Memory Book created for you to remember the very important person in your life who has died.

Written and illustrated by Cheryl Hall-Kippen, BS, BSW, LSW

This activity book was created especially for a younger child to use as a memory book to remember a loved one in their life who has died. Not everyone is able to verbalize their feelings. This book was created to help you share your feelings and remember the very important person who has died.  You may want to work on all or just some of the following pages.  It’s your choice!

The activities provide an opportunity to express feelings and identify supports when someone they love has died. Suggestions for how adults can help a grieving child are included. Giving people the opportunity to express their grief through writing, drawing and playing is important.  The memorialization process promotes the acceptance of the reality of death and fosters the transition of the child from a relationship with the deceased to the attainment of a realistic memory of the deceased.

Product code is MAMO

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