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By Centering Corporation,

By Geraldine Haggard


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A Centering Corporation Resource by Geraldine Haggard

Using story books to help explain death and the grieving process to elementary school age children. There are several reasons why storybooks are effective tools for adults to use as they work with children. Children love to hear stories and enjoy good illustrations. They can relate to characters and situations within a story and understand that others have had the same feelings and pain that they have. This resource book has five major purposes: 1. To suggest specific Centering Corporation books for specific needs. 2. To describe ways to use the suggested books with children. 3. To provide directions for follow-up activities that help support the themes and objectives for the book being used. 4. To discuss ideas for helping the children tie the content of the book and the follow-up activities together. 5. To share ideas for varied uses of the books within special settings.  Sections include: Death, grief, funerals and feelings; Death of a parent; death of a grandparent; death of a sibling; caregiver notes about the story books; author and illustrator.

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