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By Alison Salloum,

By Centering Corporation


Product Description

A Workbook to Help Young People Who Are Experiencing Trauma and Grief.
By Alison Salloum, BCSW / A Centering Corporation Resource
From the inside of the book:
“To The Young Person…”
When someone close to you dies suddenly, or when you or someone else gets hurt, like shot or stabbed, you may experience different reactions.
Reactions occur because of what has happened.  There are emotional reactions, body reactions and behavioral reactions.  Emotional reactions are your feelings.  Physical reactions are when your body responds to what has happened, and behavioral reactions are how you act because of what has happened.
“To the adult working with the young person…”
This book is intended to help children and youth understand and reduce their overwhelming grief and traumatic reactions.  It is for children and youth who have witnessed or know someone close to them who has been hurt or killed by violence or who themselves have been a victim of violence.  However, this book may be used to help young people work through any type of tragic loss. Children from six through fourteen will find comfort in it.
Product code is RTTC
ISBN10: 1-56123-108-8
ISBN13: 978-1-56123-108-9

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