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By Margaret M. Holmes

Sam’s Dad Died

Product Description

A Child’s Book of Hope Through Grief
By Margaret M. Holmes with Sasha J. Mudlaff, M.A. / A Centering Corporation Resource
Illustrated by Susan Aitken

From “A Special Note To Caregivers From Sasha”:

No child is too young to grieve.  When someone loved dies, it has a profound impact, no matter what the child’s age or developmental understanding of death may be.  There are unique grief issues to consider for the child whose parent has died.  Our hope is that this book be used as a tool to facilitate communication and conversation between a caring adult and the child about the grief they are currently experiencing.

These two picture books (Molly’s Mom Died is the other) by Margaret Holmes have gentle illustrations and reassuring text to help young children understand the grief process. The author uses descriptive language that would appeal to a grieving child. The books validate both the negative and positive feelings and the behaviors that are typical for children who have lost a parent. There is a caregiver section at the back of the book that could help adults answer questions and deal with particular concerns.

Ages 5-9. Revised 2005.

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ISBN13: 978-1-56123-123-2

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