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By A Place to Remember

Sharing with Thumpy: My Story of Love and Grief

Product Description

A 48-page workbook / sharing book in the “Thumpy” tradition. This book is suitable for children ages 9 to 99, or for younger children with adult assistance. Sharing With Thumpy leaves lots of space for written thoughts and drawn pictures to help express the feelings and emotions that are both on the surface and those a little more hidden. Asks about the person who has died, the funeral/memorial service and what it was like, how people were helpful at the time, and of course, the emotions connected to loss such as sadness, anger, and guilt, among others. (8.5” x 11”, 48 pages)

Shelly Malin, RN, MSN, Maternal/Child Clinical Nurse Specialist had this to say about Sharing With Thumpy: “Writing and drawing are two very natural ways children are able to express and share their feelings. Sharing With Thumpy is set up to allow for this kind of natural expression. Children using the book should proceed at their own pace, and parents should accept what is being expressed and not try too hard to interpret. Being able to express feelings in natural ways (drawing, writing, playing) is in itself curative for many children.The end product of using this workbook will no doubt be a child who is dealing appropriately with grief and a remembrance to be treasured by both child and family.”

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