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By Centering Corporation,

By Joy and Marv (Papa) Johnson

Tell Me, Papa

Product Description

Answers to questions children ask about death and dying

A Centering Corporation Resource by Joy and Dr. Marvin (Papa) Johnson

A gentle explanation for children about death and the funeral. Tells children about what happens when you die; explains the funeral and cremation, and answers questions honestly. Useful tool for parents and caregivers searching for the right words to say. Remember though, being dead and being asleep are not alike. When we are asleep, our parts inside work away making us ready for the day. We move. We breathe in and out . . .You can tell the difference between being dead and being asleep.

Revised in 2014

Product Code is TMPC

ISBN10: 1-56123-011-1

ISBN13: 978-1-56123-011-2

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