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By Julia Cook

The “D” Word (divorce)

Product Description

By Julia Cook

Illustrated by Phillip W. Rodgers

Otis used to have the perfect family. That all changed when his parents told him that they were getting a D…D…D… The D Word he cant even say it! At first Otis blames himself. With the help of his Gram, Otis discovers the reasons why people get divorced. He also learns about the Three Cs of Divorce: I didn’t CAUSE it, I can’t CONTROL it, so I’m going to have to learn to COPE with it! This book offers both children and adults the tools and insights that are needed to effectively deal with the difficult challenges that a family goes through when parents get divorced.

From the Introduction:

“While working as a school counselor, I had a child come into my office and say, “My parents are getting a divorce, and it’s all my fault!”  I looked at the child and said, “Oh, no it isn’t.  There are usually only 3 reasons why people get a divorce: They can’t trust each other anymore, they can’t talk to each other anymore, or they just don’t respect one another.  Look, your name isn’t on this list!  You did not cause your parents’ divorce.”

When a family goes through a divorce, it can be stressful, confusing and difficult for everyone involved.  In an attempt to make sense of the divorce, a child may place blame on him or herself.

The purpose of this book is to present a concrete explanation of why people get divorced and explain the three C’s of divorce:

I did not CAUSE it.

I cannot CONTROL it.

I’m going to have to learn to COPE with it.

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ISBN13: 978-1-931636-76-6

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