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By Tanya Kilgore

The Grief Recovery Kit

Product Description

a young person’s guide through the journey of grief

by Tanya Kilgore

Grief can be a paralyzing time, especially in the life of a young person. It can be so overwhelming that the griever is confused on how to move forward. The Grief Recovery Kit is designed to assist young people in the grieving process after loss, separation or death. It gives the griever a tool for taking steps of progression and shifting valuable energy toward recovery.

The kit contains:

  • helpful ABC’s for parents or caregivers of a grieving child
  • four stories of loss illustrated with photography: one from the perspective of a child, one from a preteen, and two from teenagers
  • 40 activities that encourage participation of the griever, with a supportive prayer and multiple Scriptures that correlate with each activity
  • a Personal Journal for thoughts and feelings in written words or other creative means such as drawings

Product code is GKIO


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