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By Laurie and Marc Brown

When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death

Product Description

A Guide to Understanding Death

By Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown

A comprehensive, sensitive guide for families dealing with the loss of loved ones, When Dinosaurs Die helps readers understand what death means, and how to best cope with their feelings.   Unlike many books on death for little ones, this one doesn’t tell a story. Instead, it addresses children’s fears and curiosity head-on, and in a largely secular fashion, by answering some very basic questions: “Why does someone die?” “What does dead mean?” “What comes after death?” Other questions deal with emotions, and there’s a section about death customs (the weakest part of the book). The forthright approach makes the subject seem less mysterious and provides kids with plenty to think about and discuss with their parents. It’s the brightly colored artwork, however, that will really enable children to relax with the concept. The pictures are filled with homey clutter and familiar detail, and the activities of the appealingly quirky characters (who resemble dinosaurs in only the broadest way) add a strong, comforting sense of what can only be called normalcy.

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