10 Steps for Parenting Your Grieving Children

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10 Steps for Parenting Your Grieving Children

How do you parent a child or adolescent whose loved one or friend has died? How can you understand what to expect and what to do? 10 Steps is a sensitive, to-the-point guidebook that uses a combination of empathetic descriptions, clear explanations, illustrative stories, and practical suggestions to aid you on your journey. It includes special sections for parenting children grieving the loss of a brother or sister, loss from suicide, multiple losses, and loss of someone killed by another person, as well as a short section on trauma. With your help, the children you love can continue their growth, telling a story of their lives that includes nourishing memories and a sense of themselves as strong, resilient, caring people. This book is a valuable resource for parents, grandparents, loving relatives, and caring adult friends–and also for teachers and other professionals helping children and parents with loss and grief.

Book Information: 

Author: By Anne Hatcher Berenberg, PhD, Vicki Scalzitti, and Jack Cain
ISBN10: 0578087480
ISBN13: 978-0578087481

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