A Me Without We: A Collection of Stories and Resources on Twin Life, Twin Loss, and Twinless Living

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The life and love between twins is a journey that only few experience. Twins connect on a level far exceeding what science and research can describe... In her book "A Me Without We", Eva Jo Sombathy, takes us on a journey of her beautiful life with twin, Neva. This memoir of Eva and Neva's life together is a beautifully written love story coupled with the raw experience of twin loss. Eva's book includes stories of twin life, twin loss, and support offered to others who, like Eva, weren't prepared to live a singular life after only knowing life as a plural..” Eva shows others who have suffered a complicated grief how to use courage, bravery and forgiveness to begin healing. Can you imagine experiencing every moment in life with someone else, the same someone else? Experiencing your first touch, first love, first fight, first adventure, first secret, first heartache… you learn to walk, talk, play, work and share together. All stages of life, from infancy to adulthood, you have shared with this one special person. The author takes you through her memoir about twin life, twin loss and twin grief from many perspectives.The book is especially helpful to those who are deeply suffering from loss as it includes resources on how to get help. The book is an excellent resource for the medical professional or teachers trying to attain the knowledge in twin relationships. It is a beautifully written, heartfelt gift to surviving twins, families and patients effected by twin loss.

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Author: Eva Jo Sombathy

ISBN: 978-1-64085-653-0

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