Adam Gets Back in the Game

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For ten-year-old Adam, happiness is being involved in a little of everything, including his favorite thing of all, playing basketball with his best friend Isaiah. But when he falls on a broken bottle, everything must stop for his "big hurt." Later, all that Adam learned in healing from his injured hand will be put to the test when Isaiah dies suddenly in an accident. Along with Adam, children experiencing the loss of a friend or family member can consider the costs of avoiding their pain and come to understand how grieving can help them more fully return to living.

This book belongs in every library, and will also be extremely helpful for professionals who work with young people and their families.--Ben Wolfe, MEd, LICSW, Fellow in Thanatology, University of Minnesota, Duluth School of Medicine

Adam Gets Back in the Game is well-crafted and conveys a message of hope even in the midst of tragic circumstances. I love the story, the illustrations, and the characters. The story offers relatable characters that normalize many of the feelings and behaviors children have after a death. It is rich with themes that provide parents and caregivers a context for connecting with their children when someone has died. I will be recommending this book professionals and families. It is an ideal tool for anyone living with, caring for, or supporting bereaved children. --Andy McNeil, Co-author, Understanding and Supporting Bereaved Children: A Practical Guide for Professionals

Greg Adams has used his tremendous experience with grieving children to create this exceptionally appropriate story. I believe it will change lives beautifully. --Joy Johnson Brown, co-founder of Centering and Grief's Journey, Center for Grieving Children.

Adam Gets Back in the Game is a great story about honoring those who have died, friendship, and resilience--life lessons for all ages. This book is a great addition to any therapist's toolbox.--Dr. Jennifer Matthews, Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling at Oakland University

An appealing story that teaches important lessons about how to cope with loss. --Charles A. Corr, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Senior Editor of the Pediatric e-Journal, a publication of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Adam Gets Back in the Game allows kids and families to understand ways to address big hurts rather than ignore them. This book is a great read for children who experience big hurts in life. --Dionne B. Jackson, Ed.D., Executive Director of AR Kids Read

Adam Gets Back in the Game is a wonderful book that discusses the death of a friend in a way that children can understand. The book does a great job of explaining the need to reach out for help when a child is hurting, whether it be from a cut on the hand or when a friend has died. Adam Gets Back in the Game also discusses doing something in memory of someone who has died. This is a concept that bereaved children benefit from knowing. I highly recommend this book! --Dr. Pamela Gabbay, Co-author, Understanding and Supporting Bereaved Children: A Practical Guide for Professionals

In this beautifully crafted story about loss and grief, Adam learns a valuable life lesson that he will carry for a lifetime. --Brianne L. Overton, FT, LPC, NCC, Clinical Director of Experience Camps-GA & MI girls programming


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Author: Greg Adams  Illustrator: Paige Mason
ISBN13: 978-1-944528-84-3

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