After the Darkest Hour: The Sun Will Shine Again

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After the Darkest Hour: The Sun Will Shine Again: A Parent's Guide to Coping With the Loss of a Child

After Elizabeth Mehren lost her daughter, she set out to write the book she most needed: one that would offer solace, support, and inspiration. Telling her own story and the stories of other bereaved parents–contemporary and historical–she discovered that this worst grief of all never ends, but that if you’re open to it, it can transform itself. 

This book is both a guide and a meditation. The author takes us through the process of grieving, from the effects of a child’s death on the parents’ marriage to what to say when someone asks, “Do you have children?” 

This book also offers valuable advice for the friends and relatives of bereaved parents.

Book Information

Author: Elizabeth Mehren

ISBN10: 0-684-81170-7

ISBN13: 978-0-684-81170-3

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