Bereavement Counseling in the School Setting

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Bereavement Counseling in the School Setting

We are a death phobic society. Consequently, we provide very little help to our citizens in dealing with the one common denominator that we all face; the death of those we love.  The paucity of death education programs in our elementary and secondary schools is evident of our death avoidance culture. Although many of our schools do attempt to assist the thousands of children and adolescents yearly who lose parents, siblings and other loved ones, their efforts tend to focus on how to assist the newly bereaved student in the days immediately following the loss. Schools need to have a long term approach as well that extends far beyond the immediate crisis, seeking to assist students with the life altering changes that follows the death of a family member.

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Author: Luciano Sabatini

ISBN: 978-1-60808-072-4

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