Beyond Tears

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Beyond Tears

The death of a child is that unimaginable loss no parent ever expects to face. Only those who have lived through it themselves can fully comprehend it.  In Beyond Tears, nine mothers whose children died as young adults lend comfort and direction to other bereaved parents in a chorus of supportive voices.  They candidly share what to expect in the first year and beyond: Once-harmonious relationships can become strained. There is a new definition of what one considers “normal.” The question “How many children do you have?” can be devastating. Mothers and Fathers may grieve and cope differently. Surviving siblings grieve and suffer as well. There simply is no answer to the question “Why?.” The act of sharing in itself is cathartic, and because these mothers lost their children more than seven years ago, they are in a unique position to provide perspective on what newly bereaved parents can expect to feel.  There comes a time when a grieving parent wonders if the cloud will ever lift and life will ever return to normal.  The mothers of Beyond Tears reassure you that the clouds do lessen with time and that you do find a way to survive.  Life will be forever changed, but you can learn to live and even laugh again.

Book Information

Author: Carol Barkin, Audrey Cohen, Lorenza Colletti, Barbara Eisenberg, Barbara J. Goldstein, Madelaine (Maddy) Perri Kasden, Phyllis Levine, Ariella Long, and Rita Volpe, as told to Ellen Mitchell

ISBN10: 0-312-54519-3

ISBN13: 978-0-312-54519-2

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