Butterflies, Angels & Roses

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By Frances Wohlehaus-Munday

A Note From Fran:

Years ago when I started working with and writing for grieving parents, I felt I had to establish my credentials as a bereaved mother. I had to talk about my daughter's murder. I had to say her name, Marlys Ann Wohlenhaus, hoping people would remember her. I had to tell how I found her, even had to summarize how the investigation was proceeding. I needed to verbalize what happened to her because her death had become my story. I am different now, which is why I have my own story. Mine is one of healing and hope, of memories that comfort, of butterflies, angels and roses. Though I will always miss Marlys, I have her with me now as an integral part of my being. I live a good life, filled with love for and from my lovely surviving children, and their children. Jack is with me, my husband and partner, and his lovely children and their children help make us happy. Life for any mourner is difficult, especially at first, but it can also be good in time. Different but good. This book will show you the road toward healing and the paths I took on my journey.

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