Caring for Mama Bear

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Caring for Mama Bear: A Story of Love

Throughout this gentle story, the seasons come and go, but the Bear family's daily routine always remains the same. Though Mama Bear is ill, her days are sprinkled with sunshine, compassion and love, thanks to Papa Bear and their two sons, the Brother Bears. The Brother Bear's happy days are spent exploring the great outdoors and their quiet evenings end with Mama Bear tucking in her little cubs while softly telling them that there is a special place in her heart just for them, how very much she loves them, and how very blessed she is to have such good, kind, wonderful bears. Mama Bear is a tender reminder of the precious gift of family, and shines a light of hope and comfort in knowing that whether our loved ones are very near or beyond our sight, their love remains forever, in our heart.

Book Information

Author: Essie Laflamme

Illustrator: Marie Crane Yvon


ISBN-10: 0990875105

ISBN-13: 978-0990875109

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