Common Threads of Teenage Grief

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Common Threads of Teenage Grief

This is a book about understanding grief and healing.  It is for teens, their families, and friends.  Written by a middle school counselor and nine teens, using their own words and experiences to illustrate their struggles with grief and how they overcame it. From the ‘Introduction’: “Common Threads of Teenage Grief helps teens and the people who love them work through the grieving process. Teens learn how to deal with their pain and memories and move on with their lives. Parents learn what their children need and want from them.  This book also gives school counselors, preachers, friends, and families successful methods used to help teens recover.”

Book Information

Author: Janet N. Tyson

ISBN10: 0-9631033-6-9

ISBN13: 978-0-9631033-6-9

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