Conversations of Courage

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  • Conversations of Courage
  • Conversations of Courage
  • Conversations of Courage


Conversations of Courage: A Caregiver-Guided Activity Journal for the Child of Suicide Loss

Research has shown that children benefit from open, truthful and age-appropriate conversations about a loved one’s suicide. With truth as their foundation, children are better able to cope with the loss of a loved one to suicide and to more fully engage in their own healing journeys.

  • 81 pages of hands-on, topic-specific child-centered activity pages and associated caregiver narratives that offer adult guidance and suggestions for engagement within each section.
  • Activities are intentionally designed to empower children to ask their questions, share their understandings and gain truthful responses from a trusting adult as they navigate the complexities of integrating a loss to suicide into their lives.
  • Promotes the preservation of relationship with their loved one post suicide through active and enduring informal and formal tribute activities.

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Author: Erika Barber, MAT, CCLS, with illustrations by Pon Angara

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