Dear Mallory: Letters to a Teenage Girl Who Killed Herself

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Dear Mallory: Letters to a Teenage Girl Who Killed Herself

This book can help teens and adults who suffer, because it encourages people to look beyond their immediate pain to future possibilities, including the potential that exists in current loving relationships which too often can be overlooked. It can help the parents of troubled teens, and those who've lost loved ones to suicide, because it offers valuable insights and wisdom in a personal, straightforward manner. This book should be mental health professionals' vade mecum for guidance, support and reference in their practices. The writing is so real, so raw; it speaks to the depths of the soul. It speaks to the sufferers as well as to the survivors who ride like the legendary phoenix, unafraid to deal directly and compassionately with complex issues. It speaks to those who otherwise might not listen. It speaks the unarticulated to those who do listen. There were no dry eyes as I read your letters and the heartfelt responses of those who love Mallory. You have created such a profoundly poingnant and poetic tribute to a beautiful daughter who still shines, and who still may teach us all. ~Paul J. Lane, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

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Author: Lisa Richards


ISBN-10: 0985318902

ISBN-13: 978-0985318901

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