Death of a Child, The: Reflections for Grieving Parents

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The Death of a Child:  Reflections for Grieving Parents

Bereaved parents know the excruciating pain of losing a child. Elaine, a mother of two children killed in a car accident, offers this collection of life-giving lessons gathered over years of experience as a grief minister. Includes creating a new normal, bearing the soul, seasons and more. From the Book: “As you turn the pages, notice that chapter titles and sub-headings begin with active words, because grief work demands action in order for us to grow fully into the new person we become. May you discover new rays of light to illuminate your journey as a parent who has lost your beloved child, and may your heart gently open to the joys of life again.”

Book Information

Author: Elaine E. Stillwell

ISBN13: 978-0-87946-260-4

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