Finding the Rainbow

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Finding the Rainbow

A quest for motherhood, despite heartbreak and loss.  Never losing hope. 

Finding the Rainbow, a multi-award winning memoir, is a fascinating and honest insight into a world that most would find difficult to understand, and many would be quietly thankful not to need to. McGrath tells the story of her battle to conceive and carry a baby, with unrestricted honesty, leaving the reader in no doubt as to her thoughts and feelings, and the courageous with which she deals with a very difficult period in her and her husband's lives. This emotive account draws attention to some of the otherwise unknown aspects of infertility and miscarriage, whilst still leaving room for humour, happiness and philosophy. The first book for Rachel McGrath has been notably acclaimed as she writes about her battle with her body, her mind and the health service, whilst showing an incredible inner strength, elegance and poise

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Author: Rachel McGrath

ISBN-10: 1542494559

ISBN-13: 978-1542494557

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