Graceful Exit: How to Advocate Effectively, Take Care of Yourself, and Be Present for the Death of a Loved One

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When we are thrust into the role of caregiver for a loved one who is in the process of dying, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Yet it’s a situation millions of us face every year with virtually no sort of preparation or guidance. With Graceful Exit, Dr. Gustavo Ferrer offers an all-in-one resource for anyone tasked with managing the end-of-life care of a loved one.

Dr. Ferrer shares the essential steps we need to take in a way that can be tailored to our unique situation. Through checklists, plans, and step-by-step instructions reflecting his years of experience supporting patients and their families, Dr. Ferrer offers clear and compassionate guidance for the most difficult issues, including:

What are your rights under Medicare and health insurance?
When should you bring your family together?
How can you be a caregiver without burning yourself out?
What are the pros and cons of advanced medical treatment versus hospice at each end-of-life stage?
Most importantly, how do we say goodbye in a way that brings healing, closure, and peace?
It’s the last news we want to hear—that someone we love is dying. Yet it's an inevitable part of life. With Graceful Exit, Dr. Ferrer offers this much-needed guide through the medical, legal, financial, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of dying and death.

"Read this book before you believe you will need it and keep it readily available for when you do." -Patrick O'Malley, PhD, author of Getting Grief Right

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Author: Gustavo Ferrer, MD

ISBN-10: 1683640446

ISBN-13: 978-1683640448

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