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The Group: Seven Widowed Fathers Reimagine Life

The Group offers a singular perspective on grief by weaving together the latest thinking on bereavement, resiliency and post-traumatic growth with the true story of seven men who were raising children on their own after the deaths of their wives.  The men connected with each almost immediately, and over the next several years forged a deep bond as their monthly meetings evolved into a forum for healing and personal reinvention that transformed them in unexpected ways.

The authors co-led the support group and partnered with the men to write their story, which is interspersed with the latest in bereavement research conveyed in an easily relatable way. The fathers' touching efforts to care for themselves, their families, and each other offers a gripping narrative that shows how each of us has the potential to rebuild new and meaningful lives.
Powerful, enlightening and hopeful, The Group will help you make sense of grief and inspire you to reimagine your life moving forward.

Book Information

Author: Donal Rosenstein, Justin Yopp

hardcover, with book jacket

ISBN-10: 0190649569

ISBN-13: 978-0190649562

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