Growing Young

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Growing Young: A Memoir Of Grief

In Bridget Park's powerful debut, Growing Young: A Memoir of Grief, readers will follow the author's journey through the grieving process as she attempts to cope with the loss of a loved one. The only grief support book written by a teenager, Growing Young is truly a voice for all those who have lost someone during their developmental years.

Bridget Park is only twelve years old when she stumbles upon the body of her fourteen-year-old brother, Austin, while they are home alone. His suicide shatters her world and forces Park to face issues she had never before considered.

From the funeral to the confusion over her brother's state of mind to the family's Catholic beliefs, the author shares her most vulnerable moments in order to bring hope and inspiration to others who have experienced something similar. Though it all, she attempts to reconclile Austin's actions with the nrother she always knew and loved. 

Readers will find Growing Young: A Memoir of Grief to be a soothing companion during times of crisis, as well as an inspiring testament to the strength of one incredibly young girl. 

Book Information

Author: Bridget E. Park

ISBN-10: 1490416056

ISBN-13: 978-1490416052

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