Hitch Your Hope to a Star

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Hitch Your Hope to a Star

A collection of creative writing and journal entries about finding hope on the journey of grief. In a world complicated by fear and grief, we have difficulty focusing. We have lost the energy and spirit that allows us to move forward. We look for any spark of hope that will give us inspiration. We want to believe in all the possibilities of a future not yet written. In this book, Nan demonstrates the power of words. She creates vivid pictures that allow the reader to be present to the moments she describes. She writes about rebuilding identity after loss, transformed relationships, and the small victories leading to hope. Read this book in doses so you can feel and absorb the "hope." Give this book as a gift to someone who needs reassurance that we are resilient human beings who survive the roller coaster experiences of life, and grow from our experiences.

Book Information

Author: Nan Zastrow

ISBN-10: 1561232297

ISBN-13: 978-1561232291

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