Landscape of Loss: My Grief Journey

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Landscape of Loss: My Grief Journey

Landscape of Loss touches both the emotions and intellect of a grieving person. Sherry Phillips writes about the sudden death of her husband, relating the feelings, struggles, and frustrations she encounters. Rev. Eugene Blake, as a pastor and grief counselor, shares the knowledge gained from study and leading a bereavement support group. This distinctive balance allows the reader to connect with Sherry's feelings and to learn more about the grieving process from Gene's reflections. More than a series of inspirational adages or a steps-to-survival manual, this unique book is a collection of impressions which reassures people they can grow through their grief. Grief should not be avoided. Facing it, expressing feelings, and learning about the nature of grief are essential to survival. The authors' observations of nature and cycles of life are played out in the subtle theme of landscape and are used as a metaphor for spiritual transformation. The chapters are short and could be used a daily devotion. Sherry even writes chapters from the perspectives of her grandchild and mother-in-law, pointing out most deaths involve family members and friends. Although we may feel alone, we don't grieve alone.

Book Information

Author: Sherry A. Phillips with reflections by the Rev. Eugene Blake

ISBN-10: 0692634991

ISBN-13: 978-0692634998

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