Losing: My Reflection

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Losing My Reflection: A Coloring Book Journal to Record Your Personal Grief Experience

Losing My Reflection is a grief journal coloring book. (Bronze Medal winner Independent Publisher Book Awards)

There are 76 illustrations in this journal. I've included a few of the pages as examples.

Grief is a personal journey unique to you. This journal is for you to use as you see fit as you move through then emotional ups and downs of this "new" you. There are no page numbers, no order, no right or wrong way to use this book. Find an illustration that speaks to you, color it if you like, the use the blank space on the page to write your feelings. Come back another day and write more if you choose as you move through grief,

This was created by me and illustrated by me after my family lost our middle daughter in a car accident. The illustrations show some of the emotions I experienced since Bethany's death.

Some of the illustrations are original ideas of mine, some are influenced by other artists whose drawings captured what I was feeling and wanted to express.

My hope is this journal will help others as they struggle and face that new reflection in the mirror. Losing who we once were... Losing: My Reflection

Book Information

Author: Kim Owen Mazur

ISBN: 978-1-59298-642-2

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