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The Passing of Time

The Passing of Time

I am planting a garden in anticipation
of spring; roses will bloom, and the
peaches will arrive by summer, and
how do you lose a child?

Envious of mama mockingbirds teaching
their babies to fly, I wonder if their empty nests
will bring grief to their hearts, and
how do you lose a child?

I hold a tantalizing book, hungry
for the next page, wondering how
it will end, knowing it will, and
how do you lose a child?

Tomorrow is always on the horizon;
it will come as assuredly as dreaded
anniversaries, no lilies, please, and
how do you lose a child?


Sherrie Cassel is a student at a university in San Diego, California where she majors in psychology. Ms. Cassel will be attending seminary in the Spring of 2019. She lives in San Diego with her husband, Ben. She has published a book, LOVE SONGS TO A JUNKIE SON, a collection of poetry she has written about her son's struggle with addiction, and it is available at Amazon. She is also published at