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Where Has Pappy Gone?

Where Has Pappy Gone?

A child full of wonder sits on my knee.
She asks, “Where has he gone? Where can my pap be?”
I hug her and smile, knowing just what to say.
“It isn’t the same, but he’s not far away.
Heaven’s for real, and Pap’s there now you see,
and someday we’ll be with him, you and me.”
Her eyes become drowsy; a smile on her face.
She says, “I bet that Heaven’s a really nice place.”
I sit back content and pray God would start
planting seeds of His love right there in her heart.
She drifts off to sleep, so precious to me.
I whisper a blessing, “Please God let us be . . .
wrapped in Your love and Your care and Your grace;
and let this little one in dreams see your face.”
I sigh and remember my own father’s love,
and hope that he watches for me from above.
Is it possible that Heaven can truly be more
than we would have ever imagined before?
If a perfect God can love us like friends;
then this isn’t over, it’s not the end.
To become just like children and look for His grace,
will we find it in the simplest place?
My own eyes are closing; I’m drifting to sleep,
I’ll carry the memories inside me to keep.
When suddenly I see my own daddy before me.
He’s handsome, he’s young, he’s wrapped all in glory.
“Yes, heaven’s for real,” a Voice speaks from above.
“All the tears, all the suffering, are covered by My love.
You’ll feel warm and safe; you’ll be wrapped in My arms,
with nothing to fear and protected from harm.
Your earthly father is proof that I’m real,
all the good that he’s done is something you’ll feel.
So carry this back with you upon waking,
My perfect Love is a gift for the taking.”
The little one stirs, and her eyes meet mine.
She says, “I want to visit with Pap one more time.”
I kiss her small face and I ask, “Did you see him?”
She replies, “He’s so happy, I thought it a dream.”
But I know that God has given her a peek,
a glimpse of His love like a kiss on her cheek.
She’s got her whole life ahead of her now,
for fun and adventure so I must allow
her own little journey, her own little path,
to take time to giggle and take time to laugh.
The serious things will now have to wait.
I’m praying that her young life will be great,
and hoping that nothing will keep her apart
from the memories of Pappy and God’s loving heart.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR-----------------------------

Karen Malena comes from a close-knit Italian family which has given her the inspiration to breathe life into stories, some humorous, others, a bit thought-provoking. She's active in her community encouraging new writers through local library programs and one-on-one mentoring.

She's a compassionate animal lover with a biting sense of humor which you may see on her Facebook cat page, Piggy and by a novel of the same name. Karen is a member of Pittsburgh East Scribes and Ligonier Valley Writers. She also belongs to the group, AlzAuthors, a caring community of Alzheimer’s and Dementia authors.

She has written several other novels, mostly inspirational fiction and one futuristic sci-fi. Her story, “The Earrings” will be published in Guidepost’s sister magazine, Mysterious Ways, in Spring of 2018.

You can find her at her website: or her heartfelt blog, The Finch’s Nest,