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It's Time

It's Time

I’ve stayed here too long
It’s time to be strong
No more excuses
It’s time to move on

But strong I don’t feel
This is all so unreal
It’s like walking in dreams
This holds no appeal

Got to keep believing
That I’m not leaving
Her memory behind
It’s that I’m still grieving

I keep thinking of her
The way that things were
Since she’s been gone
It’s all been a blur

How could I do this
When so much I still miss
I’d give all my days
For just one more kiss

Why can’t I go back
To where life was on track
Before it all changed
And faded to black

Back before that day
And back to the way
That life was before
She was taken away

I feel such guilt
Leaving life that we built
But that life is gone now
Covered over in silt

It feels so alone
Stepping into unknown
Without her to help me
I’m out on my own

Don’t know where I’ll land
But on two feet I’ll stand
This isn’t even close
To what we had planned

Move on I must
Kick off the dust
Just find a way
Back to her I trust

It’s time.


Engineer and closet poet Dale Miller lost his wife Lisa to cancer in April of 2014. Dale has written poetry all his adult life. His poetry has now become a form of therapy as he heals.

Dale has chosen to reach out through his poetry to try to help others in their battle with grief. His poetry is written from his experiences and heartfelt feelings dealing with his personal loss.