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In the Eye's of a Child

In the Eye's of a Child

I see fun, I see laughter

I feel secrets and wonder
I see rollercoasters and tag
I feel a darkside and thunder

What is this called?
A see-saw it feels
I am so high in the sky
Now in the ground I am sealed

Where are you?
Where did you go?
That was so much fun we had
So why do I feel so low?

I am waiting
Why aren't you here?
The rollercoaster was fun
So why am I now scared?

You disappeared, it's just me
I feel the ride slowing down
I will stay on awhile
And keep looking for you all around

By: Amy Conahan


About the Author----------------------

Amy is a mother, wife, and a believer in Christ Jesus. She has had a love for writing poetry since she was a young child. Recently, her son lost his Father to the disease of addiction. He has expressed so many emotions due to his Fathers illness over the 10 years of his life. Amy was inspired to write this short poem in the hopes for other parents to have some hope, and to shed some light on their situation. The pain of those impacted by addiction is indescribable, and especially difficult for a young child to understand. Her passion is to help others, and those who struggle with the disease, along with the young children who have had no choice in the matter.