Memories Live Forever: A Memory Book for Grieving Children

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Memories Live Forever: A Memory Book for Grieving Children

From The Inside of the Book, A Letter To Grieving Children: “To the Grieving Child, this is a very special book—the words and pictures were created for you by kids your own age. The book was made especially for you to help you remember someone very important in your life who has died.  That person may be a parent, a grandparent, a brother or sister or maybe even a friend. Death brings many confusing feelings that are hard to talk about. The exercises in this book provide different ways for you to remember times shared with the special person who died. You  may choose to do all of the exercises or only some of them. Treat this book as your personal diary which you have created just for yourself, and share it with others only if you want. Working through this memory book will be like going on a trip with the friend or family member who died. As you remember the special times, you will begin to understand your feelings better and will be able to share them with the important people in your life.”

Book Information

Author: Sharon Rugg, LCSW, Julie Rugg, Amanda Mullis, Leah Haider, Laura Hesson, Angela Ingersoll, Kerry O’Fallon, Kristin Rutkowski, Jillian Wilson and Sylvia Haider.

ISBN10: 0-9652410-0-9

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