Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...Where Does My Self-Love Fall?: A Success Guide to Replace Toxicity with Love

"When you don't love yourself, how can you expect another to love you?" Author Nina Norstrom admits It's a simple question with a very complicated answer. Self-love should come naturally, but for many of us it doesn't. Whether it stems from childhood abuses or toxic relationships along the journey of life, self-love can often be one of our greatest challenges.

In Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Where Does My Self-Love Fall? author Nina Norstrom helps us probe into our thoughts and emotions to uncover our self-concepts and gives us tools to reshape them, and in the process learn to fall in love with ourselves, which is the first step in living a fulfilling, happy life.

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Author: Nina Norstrom

ISBN-10: 1608081958

ISBN-13: 978-1608081950

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