More Than Surviving: Caring for Yourself While You Grieve

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More Than Surviving:  Caring for Yourself While You Grieve

From the Introduction: People all over the world face losses, some more challenging and life-changing than others.  Grief from loss may occur as a result of death, as well as numerous other non-death related losses.  When I refer to loss, it is the kind in which the person grieving has not chosen to give someone or something up.  When a loss occurs in which the person is not the initiator, the helpless feelings can seem frightening, unfamiliar and over-powering.  Two basic fears can surface, the unknown and loss of control.   Author Information: Kelly Osmont, MSW, LCSW, is a psychotherapist with a specialty in grief and loss.  Ms. Osmont, a popular speaker, trainer and writer on the subject of grief, is the co-author of Parting Is Not Goodbye and What Can I Say and Do?  How to Support Someone Who Is Grieving A  Loss. In her presentations, she uses her professional knowledge and skills, along with the insights she has gained from personal experiences.  With all types of audiences, she makes a difference in people’s lives.

Book Information

Author: Kelly Osmont Lonigan, BS, MSW 

ISBN-10: 1561230049

ISBN-13: 978-1561230044

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